Department of Economics : Morigaon College


The Department of Economics is one of the oldest and leading departments in the Arts Stream of Morigaon College.Since its inception, the Department has been discharging its roles and responsibilities for the interests of the students of Economics in particular and the whole student community in general.


The Department was established in 1964 under the affiliation of Gauhati University. At the time of its establishment there were 01 faculty and 09 of students. The Honours / Major course was started in this department in 1977.


The aim of the Department is to mould the students as economically productive so that they could make themselve enable to utilize the locally available resources to contribute to the economic development of the country.




GLOCALIZATION- Think Global…Act Local


To provide knowledge on regional socio-economic perspectives with the tune of Global economic formulations


    Socio-economic rational thinking and ability through Holistic Approaches via Best Practices


  1. To make students employable
  2. To make Students Productive
  3. To aware students towards Sustainable Development, Ethnic Culture & Harmony
  4. To build the character of students with scientific mentality free from superstitions

Courses Offered

  • Degree in Economics, BA
  • course (additional)
  • Certificate Course in Entrepreneurship
  • Add on Course on Basics of Computer
  • Add on Course on Basics for Competitive Exam
  • Add on Course on Personality Development and Soft Skills
  • Courses with other Departments like Pol Science, History and Philosophy

Resources of the Department

  • Faculty Members: 4
  • Bearer: 1 (but sharing basis)
  • Faculty Room: 1 with 4 sets of sitting arrangements
  • Almirah : 2
  • Book selves: 2
  • Racks: 3 
  • Class Rooms: 3
  • Nos of Books in Departmental Library and Book Bank: 250
  • Nos of students benefitted from Remedial Courses (yearly): 78 and 12 


  • High Student-Teacher Ratio
  • Personal Monitoring of the Students
  • Quality of the students
  • Qualified faculties with adequate Knowledge and capacity
  • Collaboration with IEA for academic activities and development



  • Socio-Economic Background of the Students
  • Recruitment of Teachers for non-teaching activities by Govt.
  • Poor industry linkage
  • Department is Not fully equipped with infrastructure(physical and technological)
  •  No. smart class room for Advance learning
  • Shortage of  ICT Equipments


  • The qualitatively better students prefer this department for their establishments

  • As a leading Department, Economics has ample scope for the students in the professional world
  • This Department has a linkage with IEA and been privileged to organize National and International Conference in current vibrant issues in Economics and Social Sciences 


  • Enhancement in the field of employment and self-employment of the passed-out students along with in-house students
  • Industrial linkages for sustainable development
  • Rural Development and best utilization of the local resources and prospects  with due cooperation of infrastructure
  • ICT  and total computer knowledge
  • Enlargement of the Department with Quantity and Quality with an..optimum –mix

Activities of the Department


  • Regular Socio-Economic survey
  • Field Trip
  • Extension Programs
  • Industry Visit
  • Market Survey
  • Organized National Level Seminar on Make in India and Act East Policy in 2015 with Sponsorship of ICSSR and Collaboration of Indian Economic Association
  • Published Eco-Sketch with ISBN
  • Organized International Conference on Education and Economic Development with Special Reference to Globalization and SDG in North East Region, ICEED, 2016 with Sponsorship of ICSSR and Collaboration of Indian Economic Association
  •  Published Glocalizing North East Region with ISBN
  • Organized National Level Seminar on Education and Skill Development in 2017 with Sponsorship of ICSSR and Collaboration of Indian Economic Association
  • Organized National Level Workshop (One Week)  in 2018 on ICT in Class Room Teaching with Support from Ministry of Information and Technology and II

Awards of the Department

UGC NET by 2 students

Publication of the Department

  • The Economic Mirror, Journal, ISSN: 2250-088X, the Peer Reviewed Research Journal
  • Wall Magazine, ‘ARTHASASTRA in mirror’ six monthly Publications
  • Hand written megazine "Kanchiali"
  • A  Forum for socio-economic Development and Planning:  
  • Morigaon College Socio-economic Developmental Forum Estd. 1977
  • Book Published: 7

Achievements of the Department

  1. High Placement Ratio of Students
  2. Rising entrepreneurship

Future Plan of the Department

Short-run (1-2 year)

  • To start a unit on organic farming
  • To start Masters Program in Economics
  • To restart the Vocational Course in Entrepreneurship
  • To start a consultancy set up in the Department 

 Action Plan For next 5 years (Long-term):

  • To start Masters Degree in Economics with dynamic papers
  • To initiate at least another 2 job-oriented Courses in Organic Farming Management, Integrated Rural Development through Efficient Utilization of Resources
  • To organize more number of Seminar, Workshop, Symposia with International Collaboration


Best Practices

1. Students-Teachers Assembly

2. Awareness of Self Employment and Environmental Sustainability